Coaching Plus is DioraBlue’s unique tailored learning and development methodology, developed and proven over more than two decades by experts in the field of learning and development. 

Coaching Plus provides you with a vast range of curated learning resources to suit your specific learning needs, accompanied with individual coaching sessions with your personal coach.

You develop your own learning journey, guided and facilitated by one of our highly experienced performance coaches. Where coaching is part of workplace development, your coach works with both you and your leader to develop and facilitate your learning journey.

Coaching sessions may vary in number and are delivered in a format and at a time that suits you and your individual work and lifestyle demands. Sessions with your coach may be undertaken face-to-face, by phone or online. No need to leave the office or home. You can undertake a coaching session from anywhere in the world.

A coaching based approach is proven to be superior than training in providing real learning outcomes based on immediate and future needs.

Whilst tailored, the process involves: An initial coaching session. The initial development of a flexible learning plan. The curation and introduction of relevant tools, resources and development materials by your coach. Further coaching sessions follow and additional resources, tools, and learning materials are provided as needed. The coaching plan is evolved to suit the individual as development progresses.

Your individual learning plan and all related resources are made available to you on your personalised portal via the DioraBlue hub. The Hub and your unique library of resources is accessible 24 hours a day by smart-phone, tablet or computer.

Coaching Plus provides a certified record of your training to add to your resume, detailing what you have learned and the competencies you have developed.

Your learning journey: Through this process, you design and undertake your own, personal learning journey.